Friday, May 23, 2008

Junction Box

Wiring the junction box is a breeze if you do it like this...

Go to Radio Shack or what have you and buy (1) shrink tubing and (2) the smallest as possible connectors -- pictured below:

Note the larger ones.  They had tubing on them and I tried to install with those the first time and I had to cut the tubing off and crimp them vertically to get them to fit.  It was SLOPPY.  It is important that they are as small as possible in order for the junction box to close properly.  Plus it looks a lot nicer and who says that no one will ever see them -- you just did.

Cut a proper length of shrink tubing off and slide it onto your wire then crimp the connector on it.  Afterwards heat the shrink tubing so it constricts and protects the wires from coming into contact with anything other than the terminal you screw it into.

I could not find the original junction box screw since I purchased my bike disassembled, so I replaced it, but Home Depot does not sell metric galvanized hardware which I wish it did, because the stainless doesn't look good here.  Of course, that is an easy fix in the future.


Paul B. said...

Lookin' Good!

Something to change at a later date - in the overhead photo of the completed junction box. The R/H (closest to the air cleaner) rubber on the junction box is not a junction box rubber. It is the rubber for where the red and black wires connect to the original type coil. You have the wiring harness coming out of the junction box at an angle and going behind the air cleaner. With the correct rubber on the box, the wiring comes out straight toward the front of the scoot and passes along the outside of the air filter, (like, sort of between the bottom edge of the air filter box and the top of the flywheel cover). This keeps the harness away from the way hot crankcase. There is a P-clip that clips onto the cylinder shroud mounting screw that is under the air cleaner. The clip sticks out toward the R/H side of the scoot and the harness passes through it and is supported by it.


Scooter Couple said...

Thx Paul. I looked at the Parts Book and see the error as well. I will try to address that today if I have time.

Once done, I will post a picture of the "correct" grommets.