Monday, February 5, 2007

Testing my speedo

Currently I am restoring the front fork and rebuilding the front shock of our SS180. Once done the speedo will be "plugged" in to the front tire/hub. I need to know if my speedo works or if I would need to send it to Speedo King or buy another one. Therefore, with my drill and some odd shape bits I simulated a spinning gear drive plugged into my speedo and wammo it works!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Update for February 2007

My son Hudson is 16-weeks-old so this project is slowing down a little bit, but here is what I have in the hopper:

- Engine is 100% complete. Done by Christopher Markley, of Moto-Rapido. I will pick it up from him as soon as we can coordinate a weekend to meet. There will be a BIG post on that as a lot was done with the engine restoration. I will do my best to shoot a video of it, in which we will point out what was done.

- The front fork and shock are disassembled. Both will be painted and rebuilt -- fully restored. I am having difficulty finding some o-rings for the internals of the front shock. I am hunting for those parts now.

- I also plan to rebuild the rear shock if I can find the o-rings and oil seal for it -- I hear they are available. I would like to honor the SS by keeping it as original as possible and restoring each piece I can as opposed to replacing.

- The body work should be complete now and I expect to see a painted scooter in the next month or two. I will post video and pictures of it once it is home.

- I believe my original speedo works, but I need to test it with a drill (need a special bit on the end) to make sure it works.

Lately, I've been spending my time on the phone with shops hunting down parts. I have placed two big orders for front fork supplies and bearings, etc. and some trim, which was on sale. Keep posted as more will follow as soon as I have news.