Wednesday, May 23, 2007

R & R -- Scooter Camping

One part of the restoration process that I have not covered yet is "taking care of yourself." There have been plenty of times that I have gotten frustrated or even pist-off and I am not even doing all the work myself. Newbie restorers make sure you play a bit along the way and keep it "light hearted!"

One way for me to relax during the late spring/early summer (before it gets too humid) is to back up my daily rider with all my gear and meet some buddies and camp for a couple nights and have amazing rural road rides during the day.

In the video above, I loaned Dave S. my daily rider -- black Chetak -- and I ride my wife's, Lisa's, butter yellow Chetak. David C. rides his silver Chetak. It's kind of like those old Saturn commercials, right?

I also think it is helpful to have two bikes when restoring, because you still need a daily rider. Heck, I hope to pick up a second daily rider, a P200, at some point.