Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Buying a project SS180

I received an email the following email this morning and I am hopeful that many viewers of this Blog will read this post and view these pictures and help me help Nico make the right choice -- should he buy this SS180 or not?


********** EMAIL *********

Hola jeremy!!! My name is Nicolás, I am of Argentina. One wanted to tell you that I am for buying a Vespa ss 180 1968, here my alone country there entered 40 units, by what it is very boasted and the only one that I know is the one that possesses ROY (which(who) this registered in your page) my major(bigger) disadvantage it is that has true lacking that I could not locate them in any page and that they are vital for his(its) good restoration. The lacking important mas are an air filter of the carburetor, it(he,she) covers cylinder and the front parafango that I believe, does not correspond(fit) to the model!!! It(he,she) wanted to know if you might verify your me where I obtain cough lacking, and if I can obtain them gladly(willingly) it(he,she) would buy and begin his(its) restoration, though the price is very raised for my, and mas that at all(nothing) because here in my country we are with the devaluated currency, or 1 dollar = 3,15 Argentine Weight. But as your you say, I want of this scooter something for the whole life that to never sell!!!!

!!!! I wait for your response!!! And sorry for my inglish, I had to use a translator since I do not understand very much the language … Many Regards!!!!!!! Nico From Argentina!!!

PD: here since you can see, some photos in order that you think and tell me that it looks like to you his(its) condition(state)!!

Tank's (Muchas Gracias)


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