Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Buying a project SS180

I received an email the following email this morning and I am hopeful that many viewers of this Blog will read this post and view these pictures and help me help Nico make the right choice -- should he buy this SS180 or not?


********** EMAIL *********

Hola jeremy!!! My name is Nicolás, I am of Argentina. One wanted to tell you that I am for buying a Vespa ss 180 1968, here my alone country there entered 40 units, by what it is very boasted and the only one that I know is the one that possesses ROY (which(who) this registered in your page) my major(bigger) disadvantage it is that has true lacking that I could not locate them in any page and that they are vital for his(its) good restoration. The lacking important mas are an air filter of the carburetor, it(he,she) covers cylinder and the front parafango that I believe, does not correspond(fit) to the model!!! It(he,she) wanted to know if you might verify your me where I obtain cough lacking, and if I can obtain them gladly(willingly) it(he,she) would buy and begin his(its) restoration, though the price is very raised for my, and mas that at all(nothing) because here in my country we are with the devaluated currency, or 1 dollar = 3,15 Argentine Weight. But as your you say, I want of this scooter something for the whole life that to never sell!!!!

!!!! I wait for your response!!! And sorry for my inglish, I had to use a translator since I do not understand very much the language … Many Regards!!!!!!! Nico From Argentina!!!

PD: here since you can see, some photos in order that you think and tell me that it looks like to you his(its) condition(state)!!

Tank's (Muchas Gracias)


**** Sorry . . . I rotated pix before saving, but Blogger is not accepting ****


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


It is very difficult to locate an AIR FILTER and your bike is missing one. I think you can find a carb for it, but it will take some time of looking. I recommend asking Vespa-Sports for help here:

I am worried you may not find the Air Filter for a very long time. Be careful to make sure you find one before buying that SS.

I will post email and pictures on my Blog and ask other's for input for you and hope that they can better help you. Keep an eye on the Blog and I will post in the next couple days.

Worst case scenerio, if the bike is well priced you can buy it and part it out if you can not find that air filter. The cowls alone will fetch a heavy price and are often very desirable. So there is a good chance you would not loose money on this bike if it's fairly priced.

By the way, you did a GREAT job with your translator!


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


Buying Advice Needed -- SS180 Project Bike
Posted by: "Jeremy" jaersutton
Wed May 16, 2007 3:28 pm (PST)

Received an email with pix requesting advice on a potential purchase
of a VSC project bike in Argentina. Bike is missing carb/air box from
what I can tell at first glance.

I am not near the expert many of you are (like Hiro & Paul) and I am
hopeful that you will visit the post with pictures I uploaded at:

And please post your comments for Nico. If anyone can cut through the
English and speak in Nico's native tongue I suspect he will really
appreciate that too.

Nico will check regularly for comments on the Blog post.

Please give a fellow Super Sport (to be) owner a hand.

By the way I did add pictures of the restored engine of my SS on my
blog -- copy to follow.



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Re: Buying Advice Needed -- SS180 Project Bike
Posted by: "David Dry" david667910
Wed May 16, 2007 11:08 pm (PST)

What on earth is that copper pipe and journal disappearing into the chassis in Pic 11? Is it powered by propane gas or something?

Seen a lot worse...all do able...a bit crap underneath the chassis....Carbs a prob...late model with hexagon badge.

OK if cheap?

His English a lot better than my Spanish....Senor!!


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


hmm. personally, it'd have to be the most screaming deal in the history of
deals for me to send my hard earned over to a guy in a third world foreign
country who you can barely communicate with. but that's just my .02 . Also, I'd
have him send you some detailed shots under the gas tank, around the frame
breather area, to check if it's not a Rally 180 frame that's been tweaked into
an SS, if you catch my drift. There are plenty o SS180's in the states that
are probably a better start, for the same or nearly the same price ( factor
shipping in there from argentina...yikes!). I'd beg him to part it out, and buy
all the rare bits.


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...



Very true...

Best to see it in the flesh!

Purchased an SS 180 from a mate in Holland - I live in the UK - it cost £275 to get the scooter to me and it's not that easy to find a carrier to do so.

Another word of warning...Someone I know has, last year, purchased a bargain Lambretta on EBAY...It was sold at £600...The seller cashed the cheque (or whatever)...The scooter never arrived! The acquaintance complained to Ebay...No dice! He then complained bitterly...Ebay's response was to bar him from bidding...Nice!!

Thieving b*****ds, all of them!

Trouble is, YOU DON'T KNOW that they are?

Yeah, forget it....


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...

FYI -- I am not the guy interested in purchasing the bike. Nico is and he is local to the scoot for sale.


Anonymous said...

Hy, him(her) I count to all, my intention is to buy this Vespa ss, still(yet) I have not done it, because it(he,she) has lacking important, and me gustaria to be able to obtain them before doing the buy, the lacking ones are:
1- air box filter
2- exhaust pipe
3 - it covers cylinder
Lacking others can be obtained in the pages of sale, but these they are very difficult to obtain, and since(as) the motorcycle it(he,she) has an important value I want to be sure of that after the restoration can have the complete ss. Thank you very much to all and I expect to be able to obtain for what I look!!!

Nico From for Argentina!!

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


Well, his chances of finding anything decent in Argentina are slim, so he
might as well start with an SS, and take what he can get! That explains the
lack of price mentioned, it must be cheap.


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


Well if you reverse the arguements about buying something from o/seas
then go local....

* looks straighter than mine first did;
* imagine there aren't too many 180's there - so if you're keen on a
180 which is rare then tick;
* if you just want a 'cool old scooter' then there may be more
rallys, S3 Lambretta's, GP200s etc;
* IMHO Lambrettas are easier to work on and parts more standardised;
* check the frame / engine serials are VSC
* if the major/rare parts are there I'd be more concerned about
panel/paint as done properly that's the major expense; esp things
like fabricating parts; repairing louvres etc - unless you want a
bogged up slapper
* Have seen cylinder covers show up on eBay - will obviously run
until you find one
* carb - hurry - airbox there too


Palmog said...


I agree with Collin's last advice.
It is only a tradeoff between your demand and the price.

Good luck from Japan!

Scooter Couple said...


Did you buy the SS?


Anonymous said...

Hello jeremy, still does not buy her(it), but now Roy ofrecio to sell the ss of, the flotsam is 3000 USD, I am analyzing the offer!! If I manage to make concrete the operation it(he,she) will warn you!!! Thank you very much for everything and that you follow(continue) well!!!

Nico From Argentina!!

Anonymous said...

Nice Post,

I know this is like 5 years ago. but as a Latin american I have to comment on Collins comments.

"a guy in a third world foreign
country who you can barely communicate with"

Are you a Nazi? Read again the tone in which Nico writes and the way you answer.

Shame on you!!.. typical English speaking double standard world