Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rust Removal

While doing my weekly research on LCUSA (Lambretta Club of America) I came across this product, Quick Glo, that some use to remove rust from spots on parts that can not be soaked in Evaporust; such as a rusty floor board. This product removes the rust and brings back some of the original shine of the original paint.

This would be a great product for to use, because his paint job is in good shape and paint is not a necessary investment for that bike's restoration.

Reassembly Update #1

The front shock has been attached to the fork and the front hub has been out back together with a brand new pivot pin. For the roller bearings in the pivot pin use a thick "sticky" grease to hold them in place -- kind of a grease glue, for lack of better description.

The rear shock is being rebuilt and then the steering column will be mounted and the engine will follow.

I will post some pictures and more details as soon as I can. Feb. is going to be a tough month for me so not a lot of detail expected until later in Feb.