Monday, August 6, 2007

At a budget stand still

My summer vacation is nearing its end and I will be returning to the East Coast in a couple weeks. Upon my return I hope to finalize my parts list and get quotes ASAP. While that is happening I'd like to rebuild the rear shock so I can mount the engine in the frame.

During my vacation I worked on the parts list for the VSC to finish it up and I also created my first draft parts list for the restoration of the 1962 Lambretta TV175 -- hey, seeing as I am out of money right now I figured I should do something productive.

I will post a final parts list after I compare my parts to the preliminary list and it should extremely detailed and complete.

These part lists took hours to create so please feel free to email me for them or copy/paste them for your own needs.

I am a teacher and we believe there is no need to recreate the wheel and often share our lesson plans, etc.

I hope that giving you guys my parts list will save you time that you can invest in your restoration to make it even better.

I hope to have a Vespa update in August for you all.