Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Does your scooter drift around corners?

So I have been "stuck" on buying a Taffspeed P-Series rear spring to use with my original VSC rebuilt rear shock, because I want the scoot to ride stiffer and not drift around corners.

My daily rider is a Baja Chetak and I have the shock setting to this stiffest on my scoot, whereas my wife has her's set at less than the half point and I dislike riding her bike because it feels like you're riding on a cloud. It's too soft. I figured that because I tightened my suspension settings that it put more pressure on the spring therefore making the ride more responsive.

In speaking with Palmog, Tom G., and Christopher Markley I've learned that I was wrong -- it's not the spring that prevents the "drifting". All three of them told me to replace the spring with a stock spring.

Here's what Palmog said:

"As for the spring, Vespas are designed to carry two passenger and the spring rate is not so important as for the rear shock, IMHO, a standard/stock shock should work fine. Test it first and buy reinforced one if you really want it.

The drift of the rear tire would be improved by the absorber and the mounts. Is this what you want to improve, isn't it?"

In a follow-up email I told him that I replaced the engine mounts with Clauss Studio mounts and asked what he recommended for addressing the absorber issue. He responded . . .

"The dumping power of the absorber can be controlled by the oil rate/grade. The rear shock for Vespas are quite easy to take apart and the replacement of the grade of oils (you can use some fork oils) is relatively easy. The practice would be endless so I would like to suggest you don't be serious about that tuning. The feeling would be changed day by day. As for the stiffness of the rear shock, it tends to result with being uncomfortable during long rides. That is completely different with the choice for the front shock, in my opinion. Ride it first as it then you'll have an idea."

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I will buy a stock shock spring and set it up to be manufacture spec. My wife does not care as much about riding a bike as a race-scoot.

If you wish to learn more I recommend reading up suspension from the techy guys on BBS.