Friday, February 22, 2008

Items to be purchased tomorrow

My buddy Ted W. will purchase the following items tomorrow at B & B Yamaha in Lancaster, PA:

1) NGK BGES spark plugs.
2) Cheapest dino-based 2stroke oil you can find
for your break-in (synthetic is too slippery and will
prevent ring bed-in). Probably will go with Yamalube.
3) Hardware (stainless if touching paint, i.e. the front fender and galvanized every where else)
4) Light bulbs for headlight 6v 25/25w, taillight , speedo light? (I believe I need 6V and NOT 12V since I do NOT have a battery in this bike. I suspect with the front light and tail light assembles, which you have they can match a bulb?). 5) Gas line (gas tank to engine)
6) CEV Brand taillight to replace the cracked one.

Budget Check-In

To date, here's what's been spent on the SS180 restoration:

$3,734 -- Services and parts
$123 -- Cables, steering column bearings, wire harness, etc.
$12.50 -- Powder coat rear shock spring
$55.92 -- Reassembly parts ordered
$18.00 -- three tire inner tubes from B&B Yamaha in Lancaster, PA.

Roughly, we've spent a total of $3,942.00 so far. This includes the price of the scooter and everything since day one.

I suspect that we are $400, at the highest, away from completion. Therefore, this restoration will come in under $4,500. The number is higher than the original $3200 to $3800 which I thought it would cost.

Spark plug & oil choice

I asked Tom G. what brand spark plug and oil he recommends for the SS180 and here's his response:

Plug: NGK

Use the cheapest dino-based 2stroke oil you can find
for your break-in (synthetic is too slippery and will
prevent ring bed-in).

After breakin, use any good synth or semi-synth oil.
I use Yamalube semi-synth, for no particular reason.

Belray is also supposed to be good, and I use to use
that a lot. Also Motul.


What's the next step?

After I get all of the body grommets/rubber (should be in the $150 range), I will order the following items:

American Scooter Center – 1.800.97VESPA

$7 – Part#80349 – Piaggio emblem with adhesive strip
$33 – Legshield trim (chrome kit)
$39 – Rally floor rail kit
$29 – Glovebox rubber in Gray
$9.50 – Part#90525 – Speedo cable
$7 – Part#85072 – Center mat Black
$17 – Part#135231 – Cowl packing strip (rubber trim) in Gray

Order Placed

I just placed an order with ScooterWest for a few items. I wanted the air bellow, because everyone else sells it for $30 plus. The dang $10 shipping min. meant I needed to get a few more items to make it worth my while.

Here's what I ordered (two of the grommets were badly needed):

- GS/SS air bellow $18.95
- Coil cap & junction box set GS/SS $10.00
- Piaggio Grey Grips 24mm SS/Rally $14.40
- Lever screws $2.28

Total: $55.92

Reassembly Update #6 with video

My life is slowing down for the moment. My family is entering a major transition period and therefore, I have not had much time to work on reassembling the SS180, but lucky for me my buddy Ted has done a little here and a little there. For the next month I should have a lot more time to dedicate to putting this bike back together. Now I just need cash. Luckily, Lisa's birthday is coming up and she is asking for grommets. These parts are needed immediately.

Here's the state of the bike:

Hardware will be purchased shortly. Using stainless for the painted areas and galvanized every where else or where the nut will be under stress.

A big thank you to Ted W.

Frame Grommet List

Below is a list of the badly needed rubber grommets I need to proceed with the restoration. I am fine tuning the list, but in its current state it may save you time from needing to create one. I looked for a list that someone else already created, but couldn't find it. Why recreate the wheel, right? I hope this proves helpful for you:

1. Centerstand spring (Part: 47872).
2. Seat Buffers (Part: 56730)
3. Fuel rod grommet (Part: 47460).
4. Fuel line (Part: 93510).
5. Fuel line grommet (Part: 84262)
6. Fuel line to airbox rubber.
7. Grommet for electrical harness and spark plug wire. Using a Vespa PX HT coil.
8. Grommet to frame wiring?
9. Cable grommet for HT coil wires(Part: 48171).
10. Cable Hose (Part: 90541)
11. Throttle and choke cable grommet. Fits 60s to 80s Vespas.
12. Grommet for clutch gears and rear brake.
13. Qty: 2 -- Cowl hook grommet (Qty: 2)
14. QTY: 2 -- Cowl hook sheath (Part: 24041)
15. QTY: 2 -- Cowl peg buffer (Part: 87488)
16. Buffer for cowl latch (Qty: 2)
17. Fuel line grommet for more most 60s and 70s Vespas.
18. Gas Tank Cap Gasket for large frames (Part: 56678).
19. Seal for the fuel assembly – goes beneath the sediment bowl (Part: 26042)
20. Fuel assembly gasket for inside gas tank ????
21. 4 hole gasket for fuel cock assembly. Fits GS and Super Sport. (Part: 13836)
22. Air Bellow (Part: 97366)
23. Gasket for air bellow connection (Part: 97493)
24. Brake pedal rubber
25. Brake switch gasket (Part: 82783)
26. Brake Bellow for most 60s and 70s Vespas (Part: 57321)
27. PX HT Coil cover
28. UPPER -- Coil side insulating cap for VSB1-VSC1 (Part: 57042).
29. LOWER -- Coil side insulating cap for VSB1-VSC1 (Part: 56169).
30. Cable coil grommet.
31. Speedo nut top grommet.
32. Speedo sheath seal.
33. Clamshell Speedo glass (Part: 84803).
34. Clamshell Speedo gasket inside glass (Part: 84804)
35. Clamshell Speedo gasket (Part: 49458?)
36. Rubber grommet fits around steering lock.
37. Handle bar segment grommet. U-shape rubber grommet.
38. Front hub oil seal (Part: 94119).