Thursday, June 28, 2007

Budget: What's spent so far?

For newbie restorers, one way to show you what you're getting yourself into when restoring a bike from the ground up is to look at the budget and the dates of the receipts -- it's both a financial and time commitment. Below I have detailed what we've spent on the SS180 so far, but please keep in mind I may have another $1,000 in parts to add to this, putting the grand total around $4,700 when all is said and done.

Keep in mind that this dollar amount is okay for a rarer bike, but for less money than this you can buy a great and reliable Vespa or even Lambretta. If you were to invest this type of money in restoring a more common bike you would probably not be able to turn a profit if you sold it.

My goal at this point and hopes are to complete this bike for less $4,500. We'll see what my final parts order ends up costing.

The prices below include taxes and shipping/handling. It is pretty accurate to what we have spent so far on this bike.


********* PARTS PURCHASED *********

Complete 1967 Vespa SS180 Eric Hughes $250
Engine Cases (mismatched pair) Moto-Rapido $114
PPG $25
Zero Rust (Spray Rust Convert) $15
Tal-Strip (Aircraft Paint Stripper) (12/06)Advance Auto Parts $29
Engine Parts + Muffler (7/06) ScooterWorks $270
Engine Parts + Carb Rebuild Kit (8/06) ScooterPartsDirect $103
Engine Parts + Cowl Louvres (6) + Steering Column Lock/Key (11/06) ScooterPartsDirect $114
Crank Garners Classic Scooters $175
Kickstart + Clauss Studios Engine Mounts (11/06) SCOMO $140
Brake Shoes + Front Shock Dampner (12/06) Motorsport $55
Tires, Fork Cover, and Front End Rebuild Supplies (1/07)
Motorsport $170
Gear Selector Box (1/07) ScooterPartsDirect $93
Headlamp, Chrome for Fender/Cowls, Gas & Horn Seal (2/07)
Scooterworks $93
SKF Bearings for Front Hub (5/07)Applied Industrial Technologies $24



********* SERVICES RENDERED *********

Seat reupolstery Dura-Fit Cover, Inc. $159
Sandblast body (4/05) Seibert's Sand Blasting $106
Piston bore Moto-Rapido $109
Engine rebuild Moto-Rapido $300
Powdercoat shroud and fan cover Moto-Rapido $25
Carb rebuild Moto-Rapido $25
Stator/electrical wiring (includes parts) Moto-Rapido $55
Powdercoat (3) rims Moto-Rapido $50
Paint forks Moto-Rapido $50
Powdercoat shock and hubs Moto-Rapido $50
Powdercoat kickstand Moto-Rapido $25
Paint & Body Work K & K Autobody $1,060
Gas Tank Restore (12/06) Smitty Radiator Service $50



***** GRAND TOTAL (6/07): $3,734 *****

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