Monday, November 5, 2007

HELP ME READERS -- Steering Column Bearings

Howdy folks I need the numbers off of BOTH steering column bearings (they are the balls-in-ring types) that are labeled #34 and #35 on this page:

The part numbers are:
77024 (top bearing cage)
77025 (bottom bearing cage)

One of my bearings is beat bad and the other is MIA (might have been left with the guy we bought the bike from -- which was in pieces and in boxes when we got it). The only number my shop guy could give me was from the busted up bearing was "13515" -- does that jive with what you guys have?

Would you please help me and post a comment (click the comment button) with the SKF bearing numbers, engraved on on each bearing? I need that number to go to my local SKF dealer and buy them ASAP.

Lesson Learned:
SKF does not make the bearings. They cost about $15 or less for the two bearings. Purchase from your local scoot shop. The bearings are universal and are not unique to the SS180. Cost under $9 for both including tax.

How to clean your fuel tap

Your fuel tap is a bare aluminum/pot metal.
Soaking in carb cleaner is ideal, because it leaves no
Paint thinner is ok, though.
No need to coat in paint or rust protector it afterward.

The fuel sediment bowl is part of the fuel tap mechanism and I believe it can be handwashed.

You can buy a one gallon container of carb cleaner. It will last you for years!

**** Save the paint thinner for the super goopy stuff like outside of engine
cases. Carb cleaner, used just for carbs, stays relatively clean, and
doesn't re-deposit bad junk from prior cleanings. For your fuel tap and carb rebuilds this is your best solution. ****

To replace the fuel tap is less than $20, but I asked Tom G. what would be best and his response is:
If your original tap can be cleaned and re-used (with
a new gasket if needed), go with it. But make sure
the filters are not damaged, and both tubes are clear.

Don't run without a sediment bowl unless you have no