Friday, February 8, 2008

Grommet Set

American Scooter Center sells a variety of rubber/grommet kits and you can save a pretty penny by buying it in bulk (so to speak) this way.
The set pictured above is for the Sprint/Rally and costs $13. I've gotten mixed messages on Scooter BBS. I'm told that most are correct, but a few aren't. I was also told that most are wrong and won't work and to boot many pieces are the wrong color. So I have emailed Collin for clarification. This is his response:

Hi Jeremy,

Most of the frame type stuff in that kit will work just fine. You will have a number of parts left over that will not work though.
SS/GS bikes have a number of unique rubbers though:
Frame gasket for metal air intake arm
Junction box rubbers (both sides are different)
Coil cover boot (I'm not sure if you're using the correct original bakelite coil or not)
Grommet that goes in the metal clip that holds the spark plug wire to the case
Airbox grommets ( there is a big one and a small one), for the metal SS airbox
The Rubber Air bellow is unique to SS/GS
That's all that I can remember off the top of my head..some of that stuff is available from ASC.


ASC also sells grommet kits for the engine as well. These are Indian-made.

I need this kit soon, seeing as the engine is in as is the steering column and it's going to be time connect the cables, which are already run.

Avoid poor quality Indian rubber, which is more likely to dry and crack six months after installation. So always ask first. It will cost you more money/time in the first year if you buy cheap grommets.

SIP sells a kit for $43 made by MeCur -- should have high quality parts. This would be a smart approach. I have been told by a USA scoot shop that the SIP kit they got their client was Indian-made. I find this confusing. I am not that dialed in, but I have not heard that MeCur is outsourcing to India.

You should be safe with German or Italian-made products -- SIP and Pascoli. Don't waste your time with Indian.