Friday, February 15, 2008

Fuel tap

As always when I am working through a problem I walk you through my problem and to my solution. This time is no different. Ted W. and I have been on the phone discussing why the only glass bowl I have with the bike does not fit the fuel assembly. I will not be out to Ted's shop until Thursday (expect a lot of pictures and maybe a video to follow that visit) and I can't wait. After searching the web for 30 plus minutes for a photo, I emailed Hiro and he sent back the following photos for me to reference. Isn't technology great? Hiro lives in Japan and sent me these photos in a matter of hours. As always this blog is indebted to people like Hiro (Palmog), who contribute their knowledge and resources to this blog.

Here are photos for your reference:

Here is a closer look at the sediment bowl:
Another angle:

The glass bowl was replaced with a metal one. It is rumored that metal one were used on later GS and SS models, but I can NOT confirm this. I own a 1967 (later) SS and have a glass sediment bowl.
Once disassembled, it will look like this:

I am happy now that when you Google "Vespa Fuel Assembly" you will be able to see some photos should you ever search for it as I did.

The big reason why I made and maintain this blog is because I wanted and needed information, but no one put it up. So that is what I am doing.