Friday, September 11, 2009

Clutch update

Being ordered:

- Clutch puller tool (aka clutch nut tool)
- Brass bits/fittings for clutch rebuild (may not exist in the GS/SS clutches, but do in Rallys and Ps)
- Rear hub spacer

* Note: If you are in a hurry and don't have a local scoot shop where you live and don't want to wait for a clutch compressor tool via mail from a shop or you want to save 80% and make your own . . . a trip to your local hardware store with the following notes and picture will give you a clutch puller for under $5.

As Christopher Markley told me long ago, he suspected a spacer was missing in the engine rebuild because the back plate was rubbing. It rubbed paint onto the brake shoes, which may now be contaminated and may not work. That's to be determined. Luckily, Paul looked at the motor and noticed that there was some play in the rear hub and that the nut was not locked into the cotter pin at the end of the axle. The only thing holding that nut in place was the cotter pin, which would have given soon. The rear wheel would have fallen off while the bike was being ridden -- catastrophic! The job of the spacer is to push the nut up into the cotter pin and have them lock in place. The wheel and the nut spin in the same direction; therefore the cotter pin is the only thing that holds the nut and wheel on. In our case, the nut was tightened down to far to be locked into the cotter pin and spun out as the scoot was ridden.

It is Paul's hope that the spacer will free the wheel up from hitting the back plate. He was surprised to see where the plate was being hit. It is possible, we hope, that the spacer and clutch rebuild will resolve all issues.

I am in the process of ordering the parts above.

My Aunt Madeline

Here's a picture of my Grandma's sister, Madeline, when she was a kid growing up in France.

Love to have pictures like this in the family.