Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you readers

Thx to the near 40,000 visitors (see your country's flags to the right) who have visited this site starting January 1, 2007 (the day it went truly live). I am starting to come across more scooter restorer bloggers and it's an awesome and powerful resource when we share with one another.

I look forward to the unveiling of the VSC with you!

Vespa bearings

The bearing market in the United States is shifting and I am hearing about some SKF bearings going bad, especially in Vespas. I posted what I have learned here.

If you are in a restore project or an engine rebuild. Educate yourself and ask your bearing supplier some pointed questions.

On a side note . . . the Lambretta TV175 restoration has begun. I have 95% of the engine broken down and ready for either bead or soda blast and parts to a part washer.

Electrical issues

Tomorrow I load up the Bajaj Chetaks to take AmeriVespa. Lisa (my wife) and I are sad not to be unveiling the SS180 there. What a finale that would have been.

But as you know there a few problems with the VSC left: electrical, clutch, and grinding sound.

The bike is over at Paul S.'s house. He just wrote me this email the other day:

"I did some work on your SS last night. I think I solved the poor running problem, and perhaps some of the lighting issues.

You need to buy a new switch. The switch that was on there is cracked in half. It was grounding out the kill switch, and likely the lighting circuit. I can do some more work on it with a new switch." -- Paul.

I just ordered the switch today from Dañell of Scooter Parts Direct. Part #92041 is the listed part number for the Rally 180 (headset) and costs $34 for the repro. Hard to find NOS on this since the majority of the 60s Vespas all used this specific switch. On a side note, I recommend working with Dañell, because she take her time to work through problems with you. Once she didn't have the part I needed and she even helped me find it elsewhere. She's got integrity and knows a bit about the SS180 as well.

Dañell tells me this specific reproduction switch is of good quality in comparison to what is out there. I hope to use the original cover on it.