Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Electrical issues

Tomorrow I load up the Bajaj Chetaks to take AmeriVespa. Lisa (my wife) and I are sad not to be unveiling the SS180 there. What a finale that would have been.

But as you know there a few problems with the VSC left: electrical, clutch, and grinding sound.

The bike is over at Paul S.'s house. He just wrote me this email the other day:

"I did some work on your SS last night. I think I solved the poor running problem, and perhaps some of the lighting issues.

You need to buy a new switch. The switch that was on there is cracked in half. It was grounding out the kill switch, and likely the lighting circuit. I can do some more work on it with a new switch." -- Paul.

I just ordered the switch today from Dañell of Scooter Parts Direct. Part #92041 is the listed part number for the Rally 180 (headset) and costs $34 for the repro. Hard to find NOS on this since the majority of the 60s Vespas all used this specific switch. On a side note, I recommend working with Dañell, because she take her time to work through problems with you. Once she didn't have the part I needed and she even helped me find it elsewhere. She's got integrity and knows a bit about the SS180 as well.

Dañell tells me this specific reproduction switch is of good quality in comparison to what is out there. I hope to use the original cover on it.

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