Friday, February 22, 2008

Items to be purchased tomorrow

My buddy Ted W. will purchase the following items tomorrow at B & B Yamaha in Lancaster, PA:

1) NGK BGES spark plugs.
2) Cheapest dino-based 2stroke oil you can find
for your break-in (synthetic is too slippery and will
prevent ring bed-in). Probably will go with Yamalube.
3) Hardware (stainless if touching paint, i.e. the front fender and galvanized every where else)
4) Light bulbs for headlight 6v 25/25w, taillight , speedo light? (I believe I need 6V and NOT 12V since I do NOT have a battery in this bike. I suspect with the front light and tail light assembles, which you have they can match a bulb?). 5) Gas line (gas tank to engine)
6) CEV Brand taillight to replace the cracked one.


Anonymous said...

Hi there

I will be searching your blog thouroughly over the next few weeks as I am just about to put my freshly painted SS180 back together and it looks like you have everything down pat.

Any chance you know what size the bolts are that hold the fender to the fork? Also is there supposed to be a plate or bracket between the bolts and the fender?


Scooter Couple said...


I emailed you offline. Would love to see some photos and anything you'd be willing to write up, such as lessons-learned, to post on this site so fellow restorers can learn from our mistakes.

Have a blog?

I will post fender size hardware as soon as I get it.