Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hand Peen Rivet

Sadly, this is a poor quality video taken from a digital still shot camera.  I don't own a high quality video camera that talks with my Mac -- so this video will have to suffice.

My goal is to introduce newbies to the art of hand peening rivets for the floor rail of your scooter.

The process goes like this:

Preparation: file the holes in the frame out with a circular hand file and coat the bare steel with a thin coat of paint so it does not rust in the future.

1) Drill a hole in a refridgator magnet to protect the paint around the rivet (thanx Tom G.)

2) Stick the rivet through and measure some where between a 1/8 to 1/4 inch (depending on the size of the hole the rivet goes through -- ie did you drill it out?) of visible the rivet and cut off the rest.  

3) Put pressure on the rivet head (anchor it) with a cone shape to preserve the "button" on the rivet head.  

4) Tap straight down on the rivet until it gets a little lip on it.

5) Now tap at a downward angle.  Walk around it 360 degrees.  It will mushroom.

6) Flatten it out again.  Steer the rivet if you need to move it in one direction or another.

7) Angle it again and "walk around the rivet".

-- Repeat, repeat, repeat! --

Once the rivet is compressed/expanded go ahead and leave a small mushroom.  Now take your waffle punch and give it one or two good wacks with the flat side of your ball peen hammer (do not use a larger/heavier hammer or you will dimple your frame).



Paul B. said...

I would add just a "prep" thing to the rivet procedure. If you do drill the holes out in the floorboards, like, to clear paint, or whatever, be sure to coat the hole with a bit of paint. Otherwise, the first time the floorboards get wet (rain or washing), moisture will get into the bare steel rivet hole, and the RUST will begin. Just say "no!" to rust!

Scooter Couple said...

Crap. I did not do that :(

Thanx Paul.

It's a good thing the bike will spend it's time in doors except for when being ridden.