Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Printing this blog

If you are interested in printing out this entire blog, come back between March 17 - 20, 2008 and I will set it up so that ALL posts show. Then you can print it. It's 205 pages in length so far -- it's a freakin' book!

I tried to PDF it, but it would only capture three pages; therefore I believe that Blogger has software coding that does not allow this. This is a BIG bummer I think. There are 3rd party services you can hire or purchase their software to create a book from a blog, but that costs $25.

At some point in the future Blogger's network server could crash or something and I won't retype everything, so I do recommend printing yourself a hard copy.

The information in this blog is unlike any other I have come across yet and I encourage you to share it and distribute it as much as possible.

Note: your browser may freeze/crash because there is so much stuff on here. Also, when you print only the pictures will show up. Videos will have an empty frame. I was able to print out one copy of my blog.

If you prefer it digitally, you can PDF it but you have to capture each entry individually and I have nearly 150 posts.

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