Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grommet Order #1 Arrived

Note: I have a complete grommets part list with part number in an MS Excel file. Feel free to email me for it and not have to create one yourself.

Yesterday, the first grommet order arrived at Ted's shop. He began to install the grommets yesterday. I am headed to his shop one night next week to work on the bike.

I ordered it from Scooter Shop and worked with Mic. He's a good guy. He hand selected all the parts for me and only sent me NOS or of Italian quality. Nothing is Indian-made. The issue with the Indian-made is they are often molded from Bajaj parts, which don't always fit correctly and the quality of rubber results in a shorter life.

I recommend giving Scoot Shop your business if you're looking for a new shop to work with. Be patient and you'll get what you need. Ask for Mic. (Rumor has it that these guys have a lot of NOS).

Michael Koslov
1104 West Collins ave.
Orange, CA. 92867
714-289-8394 OFFICE
714-289-1163 FAX

This order totaled $104.70.

He was not able to locate everything I need yet. Here's what arrived:

Seat Buffers (Part: 56730) NOS $ 5.00 each

Fuel rod grommet (Part: 47460) New $ 2.00

Gas Tank Cap Gasket for large frames (Part: 56678 New nice $ 2.50

Cowl hook grommet (Qty: 2) White nice $ 3.95 each

Cowl peg buffer (Part: 87488) White nice $ 6.96 each

Cowl hook sheath (Part: 24041) Piaggio $ 2.00 each

Gas Tank Cap Gasket for large frames (Part: 56678) New nice $ 2.50

Seal for the beneath the sediment bowl (Part: 26042) NOS $2.00

Fuel assembly gasket for inside gas tank New 2.00

4-hole gasket for fuel cock assembly. Fits GS and Super Sport. (Part: 13836) New nice $ 3.95

Gasket for air bellow connection (Part: 97493) Re made by us PERFECT $ 15.00

Brake pedal rubber in BLACK Italian $ 4.50

Brake Bellow for most 60s and 70s Vespas (Part: 57321) Nice new $ 4.50

Clamshell Speedo glass (Part: 84803). New nice $ 15.00

Clamshell Speedo gasket (Part:49458) Nice new grey $ 4.50

Speedo cable SS italian $ 14.95


Anonymous said...

What is you email addy for the excel file?

Scooter Couple said...

Jeremy At BassMonkey Dot Com

Should be posted under about me on this Blog.