Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Final Grommets Ordered

How sad is this. My 1.5 year old and I dumped out the household piggy bank and counted off $51.00 in change. Very exciting! The result . . . I just got off the phone with MotorSport Scooters and ordered the final grommets I need.

Here's what I ordered:

(Part: 77252) Center stand hook

(Part: 48171) Throttle and choke cable grommet

(Part: 90541) Cable Hose

(Part: 84262) Fuel line grommet

(Part: 84804) Clamshell Speedo gasket inside glass

(Part: 174092) Rubber grommet fits around steering lock. No longer available -- had to order the P-Series version.

(Part: ?????) Copper sheath that attaches to the head of the speedo cable at the hub.

Total: $35.81 with shipping

Good news is I am done ordering all grommets (I believe. I'd say budget $200 for them and you should have a little to spare). I wasn't expecting $180+ in grommets. It costs approximately $50 extra to not buy Indian-made rubber.

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