Monday, March 10, 2008

Finishing up the headset & steering column

While waiting on the grommets to arrive we can finish up the steering column/headset assembly.

Here's what needs to happen:

1. Brake & clutch levers need to be sanded smooth (nicks and chips and scratches) with super SUPER super fine (wet) sandpaper and finished off with a steel wool pad. And then polished. I need to buy a polish. * The same needs to happen for the kick start lever.

2. Using a tap & dye set . . . the threads for the clutch lever housing need to be cleaned up. Blue Locktite on the lever screw threads may be required when the lever is installed. We can reuse the original washers and the new clutch lever screw. **** Remember the advice I got from BBS is that the clutch lever housing was NOT threaded and it was recommended that I tap the lever screw out. It WAS THREADED! When seeking advice ALWAYS check with at least 2-3 sources before acting. I will not make that mistake again! Also, there are a few on BBS that know actually know what they are talking about. Meet them and keep in contact with them and eventually you will learn who you can trust.

3. The brake lever housing threads in the headset need the paint cleaned off for the hardware to fit. Maybe use tap and dye set.

4. I ordered a new speedo lens. Very carefully the speedo bezel needs to be removed and then the entire speedo needs to be hand cleaned as does the bezel. I have a new lens and seals coming along with a new speedo cable. Then the speedo needs to be greased and installed.

5. Hand grips can be installed. And the clutch and throttle rods can be installed into the headset and cable ends attached.

6. The headset is brand new and came with hardware. Ted and I need to determine if any wiring is required. Does the bulb Ted bought fit?

7. Did Ted buy a speedo bulb?

8. I still need to purchase the high beam indicator light and then the headset and steering column will be 100% complete.

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