Saturday, March 8, 2008

Grommets still needed

I am hunting down the following parts still. Non-Indian for all rubber is required. Here's the list of what is BADLY needed:

$5.95 -- (Part: 47872) Center stand spring

$4.25 -- (Part: 48171) Throttle and choke cable grommet. Fits 60s to 80s Vespas.

$5.95 -- (Part: 90541) Cable Hose

$3.99 -- (Part: 84262) Fuel line grommet

(Part: 77252) Center stand spring retainer clip

(Part: 84804) Clamshell Speedo gasket inside glass

(Part: 82783) GREY Brake switch gasket

(Part: 174092) Rubber grommet fits around steering lock.

(Part: 93722) GREY brake light switch

(Part: 15689) Handle bar segment grommet. U-shape rubber grommet.

(Part: 13836) Grommet, frame/wiring

(Part: 113060) Fuel line to airbox rubber.

(Part: 90541) Grommet for clutch gears and rear brake.

Speedo nut top grommet.

Speedo sheath seal.

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