Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Parts ordered

Just ordered the following parts from First Kick Scooters this afternoon. All parts are Piaggio-made or similar quality. I worked with David from First Kick on this and I must say it was one of the best experiences I have had with a scooter shop. He is knowledgeable and fast (I have waited for 1-3 weeks for orders to go out with other shops. David had my stuff out in 2 days). My order went out quick and he responded to me within 24-hours. I will be doing more business with First Kick. If you're frustrated with your shop, call First Kick and ask for David in parts -- you won't be sorry.

(47872) Center Stand Spring

(90541) Sheath for Gear Cables

(82783/174249) Grommet for Brake Switch in Black

(181637) Rear Brake Switch in Black

(113060) Grommet Fuel into Air Box

Total: $50.41 including shipping

Note: The rear brake switch was $23.95 as opposed to the $15 that all the scoot shops sell it for. I asked why . . . this brake switch is Piaggio and the after market ones are not sized correctly and are not truly grey -- they have a funky magenta tinge to them.

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