Wednesday, January 2, 2008

SS180 anime

To honor the SS180 . . .

Vespa. Wake up and drive.

Described as the "Best FLCL clips of Haruko rocking her Vespa SS180 set to music."


VespaRos said...

I love FLCL. I found out about it from this anime girl that used to work at a subway I frequented when I had my ET2. She told me if I liked Vespas, I needed to check it out. So I threw down $75 for all 6 episodes. Then like 6 months later, it was in heavy cycle on adult swim. I know that some day, I am going to restore a PX to look identical to the one on FLCL. With the "P!" logo an everything.

Scooter Couple said...

VespaRos --

I believe that FLCL actually rides an SS180, the same bike I am restoring, at least in the video I attached.