Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Carb cleaner

Before you jump into your restoration, bodywork, painting, or even parts cleaning (basically the whole enchilada) it would be very wise to contact the experts on auto restoration. Christopher M. turned me on to these guys. I asked them about "moving metal" and body work and I have determined that these restorers are artists of the ol'skool. Don't get me wrong, BBS is helpful, but I'd check with the guys at the forum at and then follow-up with BBS for confirmation.

My research shows the best way to go with a carb cleaner is to purchase Berryman's Chem B-9 Carb and Parts Cleaner.

You can purchase a 1-gallon container with a strainer inside from your local auto parts store for about $18.00. This will last you many many years. Only clean your carb and fuel filter in it. Do NOT gunk it up with other parts.

For the SS180 I will buy a 14 oz container for $4.00, because I have no need for 1-gallon since my Lambretta did not include a carb with it. I only have a fuel filter, so this amount will be enough to clean both filters.

Here's how to use it:
1) remove all o-rings and gaskets or watch them blow-up like a twinkie in micro wave (and worse contaminate your cleaner)
2) soak you item for a few hours or over night in the bucket with the strainer
3) remove it
4) wash it off thoroughly with fresh water
5) use brake cleaner spray can to clean it off and get the water off. The brake cleaner will evaporate.

These steps are thorough and you will be able to relax afterwards without a concern in the world.

Viola you're done!

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