Thursday, January 3, 2008

Disassembly: Part 1

I am constantly thinking of ways to improve this blog and make it even more meaningful and useful for you folks. I recognize that this blog is weak in two specific areas: (1) it does not include disassembly photos of the scoot and (2) the order in which I cover things is hard to follow and not sequential.

In an effort to strengthen this blog I went through my archive of material that came with the bike and found the photos that Eric Hughes, who we bought the bike from, took as he disassembled the bike. I need to look at these photos as I am now putting the bike back together. I can not write about what Eric did during the disassembly or what problems he experienced and solved, but what I can give you is what I have -- photos. Therefore, I made this slide-show for you:
This slide-show documents the first day Eric took the VSC home and examined it closely before he disassembled it.

I will be adding two to three more slide-shows on the disassembly over the next week. This is just the beginning.

Please keep in mind that I am looking at this slide-show on a 17" monitor and it is SUPER crisp. I can see the edges of flakes of rust. Very very detailed -- high res photos. This slide-show is 158 megs in size and the photos are huge (iPhoto compresses everything when I export the slide-show).

You can also play the slide show at Google Video as a larger image.

Note to readers:If you want/need to see a specific photo or two in this slide-show post a comment and I will upload the photos requested to this blog entry.

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