Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Medium Blasting

I've read about the dangers of "sand blasting" and "acid dips"; although I wonder if there are appropriate times to acid dip as long as the necessary precautions were taken to counter act the acid, thoroughly dry, and prime paint the metal immediately. Sand blasting sounds overall too abrasive. I am a 9th grade English teacher and education field we often "steal" or "borrow" ideas from one another -- it's common place. Why recreate the wheel?

As far as I am concerned, the same goes for restoring a scooter; therefore I took my advice and followed in the steps of a local Lambretta restorer, Stuart Werner, who has restored a countless number of bikes. I followed the trail he left and had the SS180 sand blasted with a recycled medium by Seibert's Sand Blasting for $106. Per Christopher Markley's advice I used a spray product called "Zero Rust", which converts & seals rust in the area beneath the gas tank that the sand blaster could not reach. I also prepped the metal with PPG "cleaner" and metal "conditioner" and stored the bike for over one year in my dry basement -- two feet away from a 25 pint dehumidifier. I then took the bike to K & K Autobody and Paint, where it currently resides. K & K have painted more scooters for Stuart than you can count on your fingers and toes. They know how to do it well and take pride in it and the reputation of not giving you guff if you are unhappy. They just make the situation right.

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