Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Busted Gear Selector Box

From what we know our Vespa had been abused by teenage boys back in the early 1980s and used as "dirt bike" then stored away after the piston seized and left untouched for 20 years. Take a look at the gear box selector -- see the crack!

Christopher Markley thoroughly cleaned prior to final engine assembly and beneath some goo found this crack, which is where the rod passes through. He suggested either welding or replacing, but after having discussion with expert techie Tom Giordano . . . it was decided replacing would be best for the long run.

Of course this part is specific for GS/SS and in no longer produced, but luckily after several phone calls I found two shops that them in stock new the box. It cost me $90 to buy from Scooter Parts Direct. It's in the mail.

I opted not to TIG weld, which is an option, "because the boss seems to be NOT only cracked, but also worn somewhat oval, so the shaft running through it can wobble. This would probably guarantee oil leaks and sloppy shifting. It might be possible to bore it out and then put in a bronze sleeve, but the work involved would make the repair cost as much or more than the replacement part and wouldn't be a 100% sure-thing," according to my most trusted Christopher Markley. Bottom line: I am not that much of a purist. I want this bike to be as reliable as possible. New is the best choice in this specific situation for me.

Part #59523 GS/SS Gear Selector Box (complete)

Note: A Rally gear selector box will not fit the SS, even if the parts book confuses you, according to a post I put up on Scoot BBS.

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