Saturday, January 6, 2007

Body work 30% done

I took these pictures two or three weeks ago when I posted the engine-side cowl restoration post. The body required mild to moderate work. Since these photos I am sure it looks a lot different.

There are a few "dents." Note the dent beneath the tail loght area and the two dents on the front of the scooter on the pictured above.

The streaking color you see here is a normal by-product of the PPG cleaner and conditioner I used on it.

The front fender had a slight tilt to it and some nicks and nacks. If you look at the "history" post you can see what it looked like before -- when it was still complete. I suspect the bike had been laid down once or more.

The glove box metal was thin on the underside in a few spots, but all in all in good shape.

As you can see this cowl is in MUCH better shape than the engine-side cowl was. My only concern is with the wider (incorrect) louvres I used on the engine cowl is the inconsistency with the manufacture's ribs on the picture cowl here. On the flip side, it's not possible for a person to look at both sides of the scooter at the same time without a mirror - ha.

You can see pictures of the engine-side cowl in the "engine-side cowl restoration" post on this blog.


Paul B. said...

Is that actual "Bondo" on the body parts? Bondo, the brand, is old school and can crack, even in thin usage (and there is WAY too much Bondo (filler) on these panels anyway). Better to use Putty Coat. It sands MUCH easier and remains much more flexible when "hardened". Doesn't crack. If the filler is too hard or too thick, the vibration of the scoot under normal operation will crack Bondo. Putty coat won't. Panels need more bodywork and less filler in my opinion.
- Paul B.
'66 SS

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...

Thanks Paul. I will call and ask my body/paint guy. I don't know which product they are using. I do know they have done many many scoots this way and come with a great reference.
- Jeremy

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...

Paul. Just drilled my autbody guy. He says he uses a quality material, not bondo, and stands behind it -- a guarantee (I like those). He explained to me that he did not use bondo as a FILLER any where on the bike and he will not. It's an extremely thin coat to smooth out minor imperfections. He says he knows it looks like a lot, but it's not.

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...

Oh, and I saw all the parts prior to delivery and the panels and front fender were straight and did not have dents or anthing like that.