Saturday, January 6, 2007

Fork & Shock Disassembly

It's my intention to rebuild the front fork according to the "how to" link in my "Resources" list in the Blog navigation bar. I also plan thoroughly clean and baum spray my forks. I will Zinc plate my shock housing, according to Tecnica this is how the original shock was done.

When rebuilding the shock use the parts book for GS/SS from and the diagram is far more detailed than the SS one is.

First, I ordered a replacement dampner seal for the front shock for $10 (very hard to find) from Motor Sport Scooters and I purchased the second to last one in existence & from what I later learned the last one was also purchased. Suggestion -- you'd be surprised with what seals and rings your local vintage motorcycle shop has in stock. I know that a local vintage motorcycle shop my buddy, Ted Witmer, frequents specializes in "suspension" and he has found a hard-t0-find piece of rubber for my shock there as well when every single scoot shop I called did not have the part. Next I need to replace the pivot pin (pictured to the left) -- part #47 in part book drawing below. From what I understand it is not the easiest part to find; therefore be careful when removing in case you need to reuse. I will follow-up to this post and report on my search for this part #55271.

To disasemble the fork from the shock, you need to remove the cotter pin "screw" (#47 in the part book drawing) located near the grease nipple, then just push the pivot pin sideways. You can loosen the nut and put a socket behind the pin and pressed it out with a vise. Once the tapered pin is out, the pivot pin should just push out with your fingers. Try not to damage the tapered pin -- as stated it may be difficult to find a replacement, but if you can throw the old pivot pin and bearings away and get a rebuild kit.

A BIG thank you to Flaco, Trace, The Self Presevation Society, and all others from Scoot BBS for the help.

Note: more information to follow as it is completed.


Palmog said...

Zinc plated? No, Cadmium Plated, like a aero plane. Correct me if I'm wrong . -Palmog

Paul B. said...

Wait, I'm unclear. Are you disassembling the hub from the fork to remove the shock for rebuilding? Because the hub does not need to be removed to remove the shock from the scoot. It's pull the pivot pin, slightly rotate the hub down on its axle, remove the nuts holding the shock at the top, remove the shock. Also, no reason to throw out ANY of the axle components OR buy a rebuild kit if the components are in good shape. No reason to change parts just to change parts. Considering the mileage, it's very likely that the axle parts are just fine and could do with just a clean and a greasing.
- Paul B.
'66 SS

Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...


Just over 10K on the odo. I am (1) rebuilding shock and (2) thoroughly cleaning up and baum spraying the fork stock color, so wouldn't be best for me to disassemble it completely for paint?

Please advice.