Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Odds and ends to tackle


With part numbers:
97570 - Clip for cables
84224 - Gas on/off lever
83139 - Tube for gas on/off lever (is this something I need to have special or can I use my own tube)
S. 8431 - Screws for fixing horn (qty: 4)
S. 8088 - Spring for fixing horn
97523 - Pin to secure (QTY: 2)
90528 (?) - Grommet to go around the glove box door

Without part numbers:
- 6v-.06W Speedo bulb (looks like a fuse) for a Rally speedo
- 6v-3W Pilot bulb for a Rally 180 headset
- Terminal connector for the pilot bulb where black wire connects to fuse looking bulb (I have one side, but am missing the other. I can provide a pix if necessary)
- Tail light grommet for outside of "Tractor" taillight – it does not go in with the lens. (It goes between the metal housing and bracket. I have pictures if needed.
- VSD Headlight bezel outer screw (goes inside the other screw) (Qty: 2)
- Speedo tip clamp to keep the cable slipping out of the lock nut at the front hub
- 3.5x10 innertube
- Spark plug connector (I have a new wire and old grommet, but my spark plug stands way too high!. Is it possible to get a ball-bearing locking kind that is EXTREMELY close to the head of spark plug so that it is not too high up and hitting the inside of the cowl).

- Does the carb need tuned? It stalled a bit.

- Why did the horn stop working? The kill switch didn't work. The tail light didn't work. What came loose?

- Do I have the rear brake pedal switch wired backwards? The wires still need to be clamped down.

- How should the spark plug wire be positioned?

- How should the wired harness be positioned around the engine.

- Why doesn't steering column lock work?

- Why doesn't headlight bulb fit inside my headlight (part# 114345 VSD headset)?

- Reverse rims to be put on correctly.

- Confirm if rear brake switch should be open or closed, i.e. do I have the correct one?

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