Sunday, February 24, 2008

When buying ASK?!

I have contacted a few shops I work with to find out if I buy their grommets/rubber individually if I can avoid buying poor quality Indian-Rubber and the general response is "No! Everyone sells the same stuff for the most part. You will really need to hunt." Then I find one shop that sells non-Indian and they state their pieces will cost more.

Bottom line people -- don't cut corners. Ask before you purchase. You will find them.

So far the only shop that responded to my question that does not sell Indian-Rubber is MotorSport in San Diego, Calif.


Anonymous said...

LMK what you find - i am in the same boat.

First Kick in SF also sells individual parts & they go for the good stuf as well.

Scooter Couple said...

Check out Scoot Shop in S. Calif. and I also used First Kick.

I ask people in parts to hand select each item for me.

-- Jeremy