Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tractor Tail Light

It is my understanding that the later USA model SS180s had round headlights, due to water seals I've heard, and I do not know why they began using the "tractor tail lights." Below is a photo of a NOS tractor tail light for a SS180:
My lens is CEV and is cracked. I don't have the side reflectors either. Other than that the tail light is in good shape and is painted to match the bike.

I know other models use this tractor tail light as well.


Jerry said...

I'm from Jakarta - Indonesia. I have Vespa Sprint '77.
I want to change the tail lamp like this. Do you know where can I buy the tail lamp with bracket like this?


Scooter Couple said...


Sorry for tardy response. The only tail light & bracket I know of this was a Scooter Parts Direct (they are online) in the USA. It was NOS (new old stock) and I think it may have been a bit expensive. Not sure if they sold it or not. Try listing your request for a "tractor tail with complete bracket" on Scooter BBS. That will probably be your best bet.