Sunday, January 6, 2008

For my fellow newbie restorers

Dear fellow newbie restorers:

Recently, I have received emails from many of you as well as left comments on your blogs, with notes urging you not to waste your money on paint or to consider this or consider that.

Folks with common bikes are ready to jump in and fully restore them and that is fine as long as they know the financial commitment they are getting into and the fact that their bikes will NOT sell for what they pay/invest. The one thing they need to is "to know" before they role forward.

The road has been somewhat paved before us with great information available to us and friendly experienced restorers. I urge you to start here before proceeding at all. Vespa Village is a great website and will give you the "basics" and an "accurate picture of what is and isn't worth tackling" in your restoration. It focuses on the GS/SS, but its informational is universal.

You would never think that leaving your original paint with a few love-dents actually increased both the desirability for and value of your bike. Or the idea that repairing your original parts and keeping it stock often adds more value to the bike than throwing on a new performance part (depending on your model). There's a lot to think about before you jump in.

Also, a read from day one to current of this blog with a notebook and pencil in hand is a wise idea. Write down my failures as well as successes and the questions that I have asked along the way and the ones you have. Then get answers. Do this now and your restoration will be a lot less stressful and more budget-friendly.

As always you may email me directly, but please note I am no expert -- just a guy a trying to learn as much as I can.

Good luck and keep it fun!



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