Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Floor rail rubber is AVAILABLE

Hot off the press from my email:

Good afternoon,

The black rubber for the floor rail for your VSC is our code G2020 and it cost 15.00€.
Shipment cost for USA is 12.00€.
I can send you the parts by post.
The payment is by credit card.
For the payment I need those details of your credit card:
1. your name and surname 2. the 16 numbers in front of the credit card
3. the numbers behind the credit card (code CVV2)
4. the date of expiration

You can write me an e-mail or a fax (0039 0544 502079).

I' m waiting for a your answer.
Pascoli Mauro

Mauro Pascoli

Mauro Pascoli srl
Via Faentina 175/a - Centro MIR
48100 Fornace Zarattini - Ravenna,
C.F./P.IVA 01451600397
tel. 0544/502078 - fax. 0544/502079

NOTE: I will speak with Lisa and see if she wants a $50 brand new kit for the Rally or if she wants me to clean up the original kit and pay $30 for the rubber and $24 for the shipping. I need to keep in mind that this is Lisa's bike and the goal is for her to be happy with it and pleasing myself by not using any new parts. The reality is this bike will be a "babied" scoot that is "ridden" and used. This has never been a museum restoration. It has always been my wife's bike and lucky for me, she doesn't get hung up or give a crap what purists and others have to say about her bike. She tell them where to stick it. Me, on the hand, I am beating myself up over this, the holes in the cowl, and the seat. I hate mistakes. Please, as always, learn from my errors!

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