Thursday, November 26, 2009

Clutch needle bearings "okay"

Got some garage time this morning and checked the needle bearings in my clutch. Yesterday, I bought a 1" pipe to hacksaw and Dremel into a tool to open the reverse thread nut to expose the needle bearings. After a few minutes with the saw and seeing that I had only scratched the surface I thought of a creative way to loosen the nut without a punch.
And the best part is the needle nose pliers worked. My only concern is I wonder if the nut should have been on tight enough so that I could not loosen it this way? Could this of caused the "grabbing" I experienced?
All forty needle bearings were there and appear to be in great condition. I need to oil them back up as I wiped them down with a micro fiber cloth to avoid any dust particles getting on them.
There is a small amount of space between the needle bearings, but it's fairly tight overall as you can see.

I need to continue down the trouble shooting list I compiled.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

just buy a new one if its giving you so much trouble!

Tedford said...

I'm surprised that you didn't replace the roller bearings first, as a worn bearing between the clutch gear and the backing plate will cause exactly that lurch that you describe.

Not only that, but you already have the clutch out and disassembled for a REBUILD; replace all of the parts--they're cheap enough. Why go through the trouble of splitting your cases and take the chance of buggering your seals on reassembly if your problem is (potentially) just a $10 set of roller bearings?

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