Sunday, May 24, 2009

JB Weld seat frame nut

The nut, which is welded inside the frame to lock the seat to was free when I received the bike. In hindsight having is welded into place before paint would have been preferred. After paint I had two options and of course welding was not one of them. I could buy a lock washer and a new nut or salvage one more piece of the soul of this scoot using JB Weld to lock the nut into place.
As you can see it worked just fine. I let the glue cure for 24 hours and tested the screw in it and it was just fine.

The secret to a beautiful and easy reassembly is in the prep work before paint. Dry fit your bike. Screw (not rivet) and shape your floor rails on to the bike. Every piece you can fit it to the bike. I bought this bike and my TV175 in pieces so I did not know exactly what was not in place, such as this nut when I started off. More prep work was necessary and more research as well.

Lesson learned: juts buy a new nut, split washer, and screw for this. The JB Weld broke.

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