Thursday, April 9, 2009

Metal Fuel Rod

As usual, finding "true" parts for the SS180 in this day in age can be challenging. When installing my gas tank I accidently broke the tip of the fuel rod (gas on/off/reserve) switch -- Part #84424. The odd thing is the handle on the switch is plastic on my stock one, which doesn't make since to me because metal was used. So maybe my wife's SS180 had an aftermarket switch on it. Even finding an original used one is a bit challenging. I found one through a local rider, but he has to hunt it down and recommended I just buy a new one because I can count on that. At the time I thought metal ones were still available at a few shops.

I attempted to drill a small hole through the end of the fuel rod and re-use my original. It did not work, because the fuel rod needs to be able to dangle at a steep angle to allow you to install the gas tank and get the fuel rod through the frame. I won't post pictures of that. I was able to find an original Italian made all metal one, but note that the color is not true. The handle is not black. So it was a toss up for authenticity -- Italian, metal, and silver or reproduction, plastic, and black. I asked my wife what she wanted on her bike and she chose the metal Italian one. It won't look stock, but the bike is not a stock color either. And seeing as it is metal and Italian it is closer to the original. I hope to receive it by Monday in the mail.


Paul B. said...

I'm thinking that since the rod itself is steel, you could just stop into an auto body shop or a welder with the correct, original rod and just have the guy zap a few blobs of weld on the broken end. Then you could just go home and shape it up with your Dremel, drill a hole though the rod for the connecting pin, and you'd be good to go.
- Paul B., '66 SS180

Scooter Couple said...

That's a great idea Paul, but when I drilled the hole I also ground it down with a Dremel. Since I lacked enough play in the drilled hole I attempted to widen the hole a bit -- big mistake as you can imagine.

Seeing as the original is a plastic handle, the repros are $5 for those. I am not a fan of repros, if original is repairable or available.

My thought now, is to install the metal one I ordered and wait until the very slightly used metal one pops up in my friend's garage (he misplaced it) when he is looking for something else. Then I will install the correct one.

Also, my wife is totally cool with the all silver metal one (I am not a fan of how it look personally and I hate the chrome ones too) and it's her bike.

Anyhow, that's a fantastic idea and very easy to do. Hell I am sure a weld can still be added to the original one I have.

It does feel better when you can keep these old parts on running bikes. So suggestions like these are awesome!


volcomjon said...

Hey there - awesome site - im doing the same, although my scooter is a vnb4t 1963.

check out my site - and if you could link to it - that would be great!!!

hope your ride goes well

Scooter Couple said...

What's the url for your site?

volcomjon said...

the URL for my vespa blog is