Sunday, November 9, 2008

SS180 has its first visitor

The SS180 was pulled out of the garage today for the first time in many months to welcome and meet Hiro. It was a honor having Hiro come, especially considering that Hiro lives in Japan. Hiro brought a co-worker, Ted, with him. Ted is British and owned a Lambretta TV175 in the late sixties in England. Hiro owns a GS160. He has been following this blog and sharing advice since the beginning and has been a huge supporter of this scooter's restoration. Thank you Hiro for coming! (P.S. We just moved into this house and need to buy curtains so please don't think we're the bed sheet type of curtains people).
Prior to the unveiling of the VSC today, she's lived a hidden and secluded life beneath a bed sheet in a city of boxes and Rubber Maids. Those days are over. She is completely accessible now and awaits to be finished up and ridden.


Cubes said...

The 180 has been my dream bike forever...
Would you have any advice for starting a search for a specific model?
Any popular resources?

Thank you,

Scooter Couple said...


My recommendation is to become a member of the Yahoo Vespa Super Sports Group. These guys are very knowledgable about the GS & SS. That is the best place to spend your time.

It is extremely important that the bike you buy is complete and not missing parts.