Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moving on . . .

Howdy folks. I have a little work left on the SS180 and will post my notes along the way. There's not much and my readers know exactly what is left. I will also do a nice post for the final unveiling. Vespa deadline is March 8th so my wife can ride it on her birthday.

In the meantime I am beginning the restoration of my 1962 Lambretta TV 175.

If you're up for this again, I will document the entire process of restoring my Lambretta.

Let's do again!


Allan said...

this is a fantastic blog! i'm looking at buying my first bike (a 67 SS180) and this has been very helpful so far. PLEASE keep it online! Good Job!

Scooter Couple said...


I have no intention of ever taking it down. I am hopeful that it will benefit all Vespa owners and not just the VSC family.

Thank you for your support and please email me a pix of your SS180 (when you get it) so I can post it up here.

Also, I strongly urge you to create a PDF of the entire blog and print it out and read from cover-to-cover before putting a wrench to your bike. There is a lot of hidden information in the comments and such that proves incredibly useful.



Allan said...


What is your e-mail address? I would love to get your opinion on the bike I'm interested in. Being new to this game I could do with all the advice I can get, seeing as you've already been through the whole process.


Allan, al_stevo21@hotmail.com

Paul B. said...

Scooter (or car) restoration rules!!!!!
1. NEVER throw anything out.
3. Go slowly, patience.

I think you're violating rule
number 2 Jeremy, naughty naughty. Seriously, nice scoot!
Paul B.

Scooter Couple said...

Paul B,

Thx. Yah, regarding #2 rule I am not putting a wrench to the Lammy until the Vespa is done. Just research and parts lists and stuff like that to prepare for the next restore. In the early new year I aim to wrap the SS180 up.

Still unpacking boxes from the move and being in our new house and all.