Monday, June 2, 2008

Fuel tap assembly

First off, let me stress a mistake I made . . . I failed to test my fuel tap assembly for gas flow prior to ordering new seals. That was a mistake. My tap was thoroughly cleaned and seals were added, but at best it just dripped as opposed to gushed like it should. Click on the photo above to enlarge it and you will see that my fuel tap is beat up on the gas intake straw. Pictured above from bottom to top are: (1) the new standard non-sediment bowl tap, (2) the Indian reproduction tap, and (3) my original one. Most people I spoke with ALL recommended the non-sediment bowl style, but Tom G. I trust Tom G. 100% and I opted to buy a replacement with a sediment bowl, but I used the stock glass sediment bowl because it fit and seems more authentic to me.

It is "absolutely" vital that before the scoot company mails your new fuel tap that you ask them to wiggle the straw(s) and if there is any movement to get a new one or you will need to solder it.  I have heard that fuel taps are hit or miss.  

This is how my set-up looked before installation, minus the plastic catch-all pan pictured below which sits in the frame beneath the gas tank to capture any drips. I had to scrub it first. Note in the picture above that fuel tap almost looks stocks.  Make sure to install your fuel tap and set the tank up in a box vertically for over night to ensure that you do NOT have any leaks.
Inside the gas tank before I put the catch-all pan and the gas tank.  Note, that due to the fact that the gas flow works on gravity, I shortened the fuel line so it traveled "down hill" as much as possible.
To install the gas tank, let the fuel "On/Off" lever dangle almost vertically down until you can "roll" it through the frame. I failed to do this and in doing so broke the end of the fuel lever. What a pitiful shame.


Anonymous said...

How did you know that you needed to replace the fuel tap? Was it because it was tripping gas versus gushing it?


Scooter Couple said...

It dripped and did NOT gush filling the hose 100%.

Raymee said...

any suggestions on how to take out the fuel tap?

I tried taking out the gas tank but it wont let me pull it out. Does the fuel tap bolt down the gas tank to the body frame of the Vespa?

I don't have a fuel tap wrench, do I need one? or is there other ways of taking it out?

Jeremy J. said...


You need to get a hold of the correct wrench to remove the fuel tap assembly. Unfortunately, there's no way around that.

I borrowed a wrench from a GS160 owner, who lived near me at the time.

Also, visit and download the parts manual for free for you bike. The diagram will help you understand the install.


Peter said...

Hey there,

I got a new fuel tap from Scooterworks, and notice the two flathead screws which hold a seal by the fuelcock are not screwed in all the way. Should they be this way, or should I screw them in flush?


Jeremy J. said...


Just tighten to "flush" it, but not to "snug" it. It has Indian rubber :( but luckily they grease it to preserve the rubber for us. Mine came like your's.


Out In The Street said...

what I've done when installing the tank, is set the lever in the on (up) position, dangle the tap lever around the hole, then have someone else grab it through the lever hole with some slim needle nose pliers and guide it through.

I was looking to find out how you are supposed to get the tap out of those tanks, as my friend has a rally 180 with a tank like that. (luckily we didn't need to remove the tap at all, he had just over tightened the washer screws causing it to leak), but if its a specific tool for the ss,gs, then I guess thats the answer. He bought a standard basin wrench to try that, but he hasn't tried it yet.

Anonymous said...

please fit a p200e italian style fuel tap in a vespa rally 200.i was sold a "new old stock" assy. from a dealer in england only to discover it was indian.
it does NOT deliver enough fuel for a 200cc motor!i measured the outlet pipe of the tap and the diameter was smaller than the old rally unit.a 5.5mm allen key should just fit inside the bore of the pipe on a p200e/rally-the indian taps are smaller.marti

Vespaboy1968 said...

Did you need a flat washer between the nut and rubber washer inside the gas tank?