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Currently my wiring is not adding up. The wires from the stator don't match the wire harness in colors. The "Blue" from the coil is THICK and I suspect that it is the one that carries the heavy load.
The "Red" wire from the stator goes to the HT Coil, but that's the end of the red wires there. Christopher Markley wired my stator and PX HT Coil, when he rebuilt/restored the engine. I will contact him to find out what is what as I am near ready to wire the junction box.

I called Christopher last night and he told me each manufacturer wires these differently so I emailed Scomo (Scoot Richmond), because they were closed and posted this question on BBS.
Here's my problem:

My SS180 is a 1967 USA released model and the wiring does NOT match the GS/SS diagrams I have found.

My model is:
- 6V
- non-batt
- non-indicator

I am using a PX125 HT Coil.

Christopher M. rewired the stator and copied exactly what was in the bike. Same color wires and gauge, etc.

Note that I only have FOUR wires coming from the stator:
- Red (hooked into the HT Coil and NOT available for the junction box)
- Blue (thicker than all the wires)
- Green
- Black

The wire harness I bought has FIVE wires:
- Red
- Blue
- Green
- Yellow
- Black

I have heard that some production runs will differ from the standard electrical schematics and that will NOT be noted in any electrical diagram I find. I know that Christopher M. copied exactly what wires came from my stator when he rewired it -- using the same colors. There were no signs that farmer John rewired the stator before the bike had its stroke and was put in the barn.

I am hoping I don't need to rewire the stator at this point, but I only have four wires coming from the stator . . . Red, Blue, Green and of course Black. I am short a wire or one wire needs to double up and do double the work.

Therefore, I wonder if I wonder if I need to add jumpers or what have you in order to properly wire my bike.

Lesson Learned:

Hi Jeremy,
our stator has the one doubled current power source for lighting generated by two lighting coils. I guess it would improve the load balance for the lighting (+ horn) circuit.
Or, Piaggio just want to cut the cost by eliminating the (Sky) Blue wire from the stator!? ;-)

Connections would be as following.

From the stator:
Red -> HT coil terminal 2 -> Red(add new wire) -> Junction box terminal #1
Blue -> Junction box terminal #2
Green -> Junction box terminal #3
Black -> HT coil terminal 1 (or motor case) -> Black(add new wire) -> Junction box terminal #4

At the junction box:
Red(from HT coil) -> Terminal #1 -> Red(from wiring harness)
Blue(from Stator) -> Terminal #2 -> Bule and Yellow(both from wiring harness)
Green(from Stator) -> Terminal #3 -> Green(from wiring harness)
Black(from Stator) -> Terminal #4 ->Black(from wiring harness)

At the switch box on the handle bar:
Terminal 1: Black (from wiring harness via Head light socket)
Terminal 2: N/A
Terminal 3: 2 Yellows (from wiring harness and Head light socket)
Terminal 4: White (from horn)
Terminal 5: N/A
Terminal 6: Brown (from Head light socket)
Terminal 7: Violet (from Head light socket)
Terminal 8: 2 Greens (from Horn and wiring harness)

At the Brake switch:
(Sky) Blue and Black (both from wiring harness)

At the Head light socket(terminal number unknown):
#1: (Sky) Blue(from Speedo) and Yellow(switch box)
#2: 2 Blacks(from wiring harness and switch box)
#3: Violet(from switch box)
#4: Brown(from switch box)

Color codes:
Red(stator): Ignition power source
(Sky) Blue(stator): lighting power source
Green: lighting power source
Yello(inside the stator): connection doubling the current from lighting coils
Black: ground line
--Wiring harness--
Red: Ignition kill circuit
(Sky) Blue(wiring harness): Stop light circuit
Yello(wiring harness): Speedo, Pilot and Tail light circuit
Green: Horn and Head light circuits
Black: ground line

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Scoot Richmond said...

Just to clarify, let me go over what I think should be happening.
wires from the stator:

wires from wiring harness
yellow (two wires, probably joined with one connector)
blue (two wires probably joined with one connector)

your coil has the spark plug wire and 1 terminal.

is that correct?

if so, this is what you have to do.
connect the colors to the matching colors in the junction box. therefore your blue wire from the stator will connect to the pair of blue wires on one terminal in the junction box. of the paired up wires in the harness, the one blue wire will be going forward up to the brake pedal and the other will be going back to the brake light unit. same with the yellow wires. the green wire from the stator connects to the green forward running wire in the harness.

the black wires everywhere are just the ground wires. there is one that comes from the stator, and it'll connect to the black wire in the harness that goes forward. somewhere in the middle of the harness, that black wire branches off and heads back towards the taillight. you'll want to make a little jumper connection to go from the terminal on the junction box to where the coil attaches to the engine cases.

last but not, the red wire is the important wire for your stuff to work correctly. you've got a red wire from your stator plate. it'll meet with a red wire from the forward wiring harness at the junction box. You'll probably need to make a little jumper wire to go from the junction box to the terminal on the coil.

and then you should be good to go.

Let me know if you have any questions...I'm guessing you will, being that i have no clue why you have a green wire in your left hand on that photo. something looks a little off.

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