Sunday, March 30, 2008

Grommet installation guide

Tecnica and the parts manual photos are not all that detailed and you can't always determine where everything should go. So I ask people and every once in a while I luck out with the answer in pictures, which prove more helpful than anything in my opinion. No matter the language -- pictures always communicate the "same" thing for where such and such goes. I have asked the my readers in the past for photos to post on this site (which will be used as a guide) and I again ask you to please email photos of your SS180s so I can post them and we restorers can reference them.

David, from First Kick, and I have been emailing each other back and forth about the "airbox grommet" and if it does or does not belong on the SS180.

It does not belong.

At the moment David does not have a SS or GS in the shop to reference, so he went out his way and had a Canadian who does period correct restorations, named Rene, send him these photos so I could how the SS grommets should look.

Thank you to both David and Rene. These photos have proved very helpful. A picture is a thousand words -- how trite. How true.

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