Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wiring (without battery)

Thanx to Palmog for both the instructions below and a spare junction box, which he shipped to me from Japan, as I believe my junction box is in bad shape as I remember it being taped up in painter's tape like my High Tension Coil (or there is a slim chance that is in good shape and just taped together for storage purposes -- not to loose screws. I can't remember). We did upgrade our stock HT Coil, which the case cracked and broke, to a PX125 HT Coil. The idea being better spark and brighter lights.

Emailed from Palmog:

Hi Jeremy,

ok, then you have an AC bike with original wiring harness. Assuming so, we can use the wiring diagram for GS160 non-battery model here as a basic,

We need four terminal on the junction box as the figure shows. (dots on the junction box in the figure show the terminals) What we need to care is one thing and it is the connection on the HT coil. The PX125 HT coil has only one terminal for the hot (not grounded) AC terminal and we need to connect the wires colored red both from the stator and the junction box to the only terminal (terminal #2 on the figure) on the HT coil. (the terminal at the end of the wire from the junction box would be grounded when you push the kill switch)

Then you would need to connect the ground wire (which colored as black) to the metal body of the HT coil or on the motor case. I'm using the fixing nut of the HT coil as a terminal and connect both black wire from the stator and the junction box to the nut. In other words, the terminal #1 on the figure (original HT coil) is not exist on the PX125 HT coil but the fixing nut can be recognized as the terminal.

To summarize this, first on the junction box,
connection #1: Yellow wires (for tail/speedo/head lighting system) from the stator and wiring harness
connection #2: Sky blue wires (for the stop lamp) form the stator and wiring harness
connection #3: Green wires (for the horn) from the stator and wiring harness
connection #4: Red wires (for the ignition) from the stator/HT coil and wiring harness.

Second on the PX125 HT coil,
connection #5: Red wires from the stator/junction box. (it's your choice that where you connect each two on the HT coil or the junction box but you need at least one connection on each terminal)

Third on the PX125 HT coil fixing nut or the motor case,
connection #6: black wires from the stator/junction box.

Special note: thanx to Palmog, Tom G., Christopher Markley, and all the others that consistently share information with me. Many of my blog readers benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

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