Friday, December 28, 2007

Front Shock Rebuild Complete

A big thank you to my motorcycle buddy Ted for rebuilding my front shock. Ted is a high school guidance counselor now, but in a previous life he was a shop guy and does stuff the ol'skool way -- similar to Christopher Markley. The shock looks beautiful!
Ted followed the instructions on the rebuild I gave him from the Jets Scooter Club web page on how to rebuild a GS/SS front shock. See my previous post on rebuilding the front shock for more information.
I have looked high and low for this little rubber piece and have not found it. I will need to make one out of a dense rubber. It does not need to keep oil from dripping -- it just acts as a dampener.

I did not need to replace the rubber seal inside that is near impossible to find, but the good news is I have the one I purchased as a spare for the future.

Note: if you are looking to rebuild your GS/SS front shock . . . go check out "parts for sale" as there is a guy selling the front and rear shock already rebuilt.

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