Friday, July 6, 2007

What's wrong with this SS180 body?

Fellow VSC restorer, Mark, wrote me with a question -- is his SS 180 body correct and original?

---- Here's what he said ----


Take a look at these 2 pictures of the back of my SS.

Notice one side (right engine) has a small lip on the frame around the wheel arch and the left side (spare tire) doesn't it has a rounded more flat edge.
Does/did yours look like that?

Don't worry if you cant remember, Im going to ask around some other places, want to make sure this is standard and not a sign of two scoots being welded together.

I have a lip on my Lammy for the cowl to hang from, but this lip is lower and I remember having a lip like this on the SS and looking at my photos of the finished painted body on this blog I don't see lip on the batt side at all, but do on the engine side and it does curve all the way down like Mark's does.

My guess is the left side of Mark's bike was knocked somehow and the lip should arch over the wheel as the right side did and that YES this lip is correct and if he is getting the bike painted he should have the body shop repair this lip.

Please don't just lurk, if you have a response or know where to go to get the answer let me know POST A COMMENT by clicking on it.

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