Thursday, July 5, 2007

Seat foam? Need your help guys!

I share everything I learn with you guys and always point out my mistakes in the hopes that your restorations go smooth and perfect.

My Blog will only be as good as the contributions. Your comments, guidance, recommendations, and personal anecdotes will make this Blog be what it should be.

I write you this evening requesting YOUR HELP.

I need a couple pictures of the FOAM for seat, specifically the flip part. Two years ago my HD crashed and I lost all of my pictures and I know I took those pix because my foam was in perfect shape for recovering.

Please email me photos to:

Let's help our fellow SS folks out please.

Mark Lee wrote:
> Jeremy,
> I found your blog referring to your Vespa SS restoration and you've already helped me and that's before I even started work on my 1966 Vespa SS.
> I noted your error with the seat and that stopped me from handing my seat over to be recovered.
> My foam is missing at the back the way yours is. Did you find a replacement piece of foam, do you happen to have any pictures of what this piece of foam looks like?
> Appreciate any response you may have and thanks again for the reference web site.
> Mark
> (Atlanta GA)

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