Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Buyer's Insight: Bearings

We are in the process of having the front fork reassembled after prep and paint. I mentioned to Christopher Markley that we were replacing the bearings and bought replacements already. On a couple occations Christopher really encouraged me to replace the front bearings with "sealed" bearings -- a nice modern convenience and when I finally decided to return the bearings I bought Christopher turned me on to our local SKF bearings dealer (who knew we had such a thing!). Bottom line folks, find your local (or nearest) SKF dealer and purchase your bearings through them. On average bearings at the scoot shop where I made my purchase at were between 35-50% cheaper (yes, 50% cheaper for the same exact bearing!) at my SKF dealer. Because it was so much cheaper I upgraded to the top of the line sealed bearings and still managed to save $8 total (after my 20% restocking fee at my scoot shop, which is NOT local -- it's on the other coast -- and my bearing shop is right here in town).

There are three levels of bearings I looked at.

1) Open bearings -- lowest grade and cheapest
2) Shield bearings -- mid grade with steel protectors around the bearings
3) Sealed bearings -- highest grade (no containments may enter the bearing, but you can not re-greese it either. These bearings should be good for 25 years) These bearings are a slight overkill.

If you do not have a local SKF dealer, check out:
Applied Industrial Technologies

Damn hind site is 20/20 . . . I should have replaced my rear bearings from here as well (no need to go sealed -- that's overkill on the rear)


Jeremy & Lisa Sutton said...

From an email:

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I truly believe that you will have a SKF dealer in San Diego, that's where you are right? I'm from S.F.


derek bolalin wrote:
> > I have the old ones in a bag. I was going to bring them over to
my local scoot shop and just get new ones. But if the skf ones are considerably cheaper, I'll buy from them.

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> >
> > Derek,
> >
> > You lucky guy! A free SS. Crap!
> >
> > I am not complaining at paying $250 though. My wife's SS was in the
> > same exact shape as your's.
> >
> > As for the bearings in the headset, I have not purchased those ones
> > yet. I do have the old ones boxed up some where. Do you have your old
set handy?
> > Can read the numbers on it . . . probably starts with a "6"
> > that looks like a "G". If not, I can check my bearings and see if I
> > can find the numbers for you.
> >
> > Jeremy
> >
> > Derek Bolalin wrote:
> >
>> >> jeremy,
>> >>
>> >> i've been enjoying your blog for the past few months. i also have
>> >> been restoring an ss180 since february this year.
>> >>
>> >> basically, the story goes...
>> >>
>> >> i've been interested in scooters for a while (never having rode one,
>> >> of course) and mentioned it to a friend at work. one of my
>> >> co-workers overhears us and chimes in " dad had some kind of old
>> >> scooter in his garage..." it turns out that he was a retired
>> >> aerospace engineer from general dynamics that was starting to restore
>> >> this scooter 15 years ago. he passed away before any real work was
>> >> done. and so it has been sitting ever since. the scooter itself
>> >> hasn't been registered since 1976. anyway, to make a long story
>> >> short, she gives it to me because she wants to see it on the road
>> >> again. so i'm happy to oblige. the motor was completely seized, but
>> >> the body was in decent shape and it was complete.
>> >>
>> >> as of now the motor has been rebuilt by motorsport scooters and the
>> >> bodywork is in process. i hope to have it on the road in a month,
>> >> but my wife and i just bought a house, so i'm certain that the
>> >> scooter will go on the back burner until my wife is pleased with the
>> >> progress on the house.
>> >>
>> >> actually, the main reason that i am contacting you is the bearings.
>> >> i need to replace the bearings in the headset assembly and wanted to
>> >> find out some model numbers on the ones that you purchased from skf.
>> >> any info would be great.
>> >>
>> >> thanks in advance.
>> >>

>> >> Derek
>> >>

Anonymous said...

Lol, I found this sitesearching for skf bearings, luckily Martin at sorted me out. Gawd knows what I'd have found looking for dodge or NKE bearings.