Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Temporary funds removed from SS restoration budget

We scored a good deal on a 1962 Lambretta TV 175 (we weren't really looking) and decided to buy, box up, and restore after the SS180 is on the road. It will be at least one solid year before we begin work on the Lambretta. The Lammy is intended to be my bike and the Vespa is my wife's.

After the Lammy, we will be done buying scoots to restore, unless I find a Lammy Series I Frame Breather for myself or a nice Series II for my wife (this is her favorite of Lammys) some day -- at the right price and right time. Who knows.

You can see the Lammy here:

There will be no new posts on the Lammy blog for a long time.

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